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About Us


To make a long story short…What started as a personal passion gradually evolved to a professional orientation. Our continuous and everlasting interest in fashion was perfected by studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and eventually led us to launch Style Me Today.

WHAT IS POINT41? is our creative outlet where we share the style that is our own. It also serves as an inspiration to women (and soon men) of our generation who are not afraid to stand out offering tips for casual, seasonal, and occasion dressing.


Pretty straightforward. By offering services in image consulting, personal styling, shopping, and closet organizing, our goal is to simplify lives for women and men who do care about their image, however, due to various reasons, are not able to devote time to style related activities. We passionately believe in the transformative power of clothes and “on point” personal style and strive to naturally highlight flattering and positive features of each client. Our philosophy is rather a smaller, carefully curated closet with quality pieces, than a large, ineffective wardrobe crammed with fast fashion. We are convinced image related services should not be accessible exclusively to celebrities but to everyone seeking assistance on the subject of what to wear.

To sum it up, we'll have fun building the perfect wardrobe or finding you that one perfect outfit.
You'll never have to worry about what to purchase, what to pack or what to wear to that special event again.